The Piccadilly Grand Pricing – Is it worth the price?

The most luxurious new development by the best developers in Singapore is Piccadilly Grand. It has a unique history like many other properties on Race Course Road! When buyers are looking for their next home, price is always at the top of everyone’s list. The Piccadilly Grand pricing is often talked about. They want something that will be both affordable and comfortable – all while being close enough to commute back and forth from work each day! The amenities a property offers can make or break an offer; if they’re lacking in certain areas (like schools) then potential tenants may look elsewhere.

Piccadilly Grand

Piccadilly Grand has a design that is contemporary with beautiful features that are sure not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Here is an article about the price, location, amenities and also some history behind it. It’s not just some random building, but rather one that has seen many changes over time!

History @ Race Course Road/Farrer Park 

The location of Farrer Park has a long and storied history in Singapore, from where many developments took place including political happenings. They are still relevant today with how they impacted our city’s future direction.

1842: Serangoon Road Race Course

Horse racing in Singapore has a rich history that dates back to 1842. It enjoyed popularity during the late 1800s until it declined greatly at one point, but now horses are enjoying something of a Comeback! Horse racing was a popular sport to bet on in those days. The crowds from Java and India came together around these races, which created jobs for them too!

Race Course Road

The Singapore Sporting Club was founded way back in 1842, and over the years it has been home to some of this city-state’s most successful racecourse owners. The first members included William Macleod Read, Charles Spottiswoode, and William Napier. 

1843: Granted the Farrer Park Site

The first-ever horse race here was named Singapore Cup. They were given the Farrer Park site in 1843 to develop the Singapore Racecourse. 

1955: Merdeka Rally

India’s soldiers were mustered to fight for their independence from Great Britain during World War II. Days later, thousands upon thousands of Chinese people would be gathered before being exterminated in what is now known as “The Sook Ching” (or purgatory) massacre.

The people of Malaysia were fighting for their independence on August 15, 1955. They took this opportunity to push forward with self-government and Merdeka (Independence) became an important site in our history.

Merdeka Rally

The stadium had a storied history in Singapore’s sporting life. It became a popular venue for track and field events with the opening of their new home back in 1956, known today as Farrer Park Athletic Centre.

Location of Piccadilly Grand

Piccadilly Grand consist of three blocks.  The first two 23 floors high contain 407 exclusive units and commercial spaces at ground level, including retail shops or restaurants for your convenience.

Location Map

Piccadilly Grand is located at Northumberland Road. It’s close to two train stations, Farrer Park and Little India MRT which makes getting around really easy!

Pricing at Piccadilly Grand

Piccadilly Grand is the perfect location. Let’s look at some properties nearby that might give you an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing!

SOHO 188

Soho 188 is within walking distance from Farrer Park MRT.  The price range of units for sale in Soho 188 is between S$723,355 – S$1,099,999. The current PSF range at Soho 188 is S$1,486 – S$1,703.

The highest transaction (1 bedroom) of sale unit for Soho 188 is at $930,000. The highest transaction for a rental unit for Soho 188 is at $2650/month. 

SOHO 188

Suites @ Owen

The location of The Suites @ Owen is perfect. They also share a train station – Farrer Park MRT! The price range of units for sale in Soho 188 is between S$828,000 – S$1,050,000. The current PSF range at Suites @ Owen is S$1,411 – S$1,654.

The highest transaction (1 bedroom) of sale unit for Suites @ Owen is at $703,000. The highest transaction for a rental unit for  Suites @ Owen is at $3100/month.

Suites @ Owen

City Square Residences

Lastly, we will show you City Square Residences which is also in the same area.  The price range of units for sale in City Square Residences is between S$980,000 – S$3,514,131. The current PSF range at City Square Residences is S$1,682 – S$2,347.

The highest transaction (1 bedroom) of sale units for City Square Residences is at $1.15 million. The highest transaction for a rental unit for City Square Residences is at $2800/month.

City Square Residences

We hope that after reading this article, you’ll be better able to understand some insight into the prices of homes around Piccadilly Grand and also a little bit about its history. So, is it worth the price? Looking at the properties and location surrounding Piccadilly Grand, it is definitely worth it! In addition, don’t forget to check out other articles we have written on Piccadilly Grand too!

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