Lentor Modern Condo – Better Understanding!

The construction of this amazing residential tower will consist of three 25-storey blocks with 605 units. Each block has its own double volume sky terrace, providing residents unparalleled views from their homes or balconies! Find out more about the Lentor Modern condo as we look at what more this property can offer! 

Lentor Modern

Location- Lentor Modern Condo 

With its prime location, this condo is sure to be a hot item. Linking directly from the Lentor MRT station and maximizing land use with an area size of 17,279 sqm, it’s never been easier or more convenient! With mostly unblocked landscapes, the neighborhood is perfect for those who enjoy capturing their surroundings. Also, future residents can look forward to living in a tranquil environment with picturesque views that are hard to find elsewhere!

Additionally, the development of this new property will be a major milestone for Lentor and sets the tone for future projects. With 595 housing units, it’s one block away from Parcel A which could potentially generate more! Together with their purchase of Lentor Hills Road (Parcel B), the developers are expecting another 1,860 units to be created.

To add, the new community will be created by connecting Teacher’s Estate with Lentor MRT station and it includes commercial amenities.

The two condos nearby, Thomson Grove and The Calrose were completed in 1984 and 2007 respectively. They’re approximately 230-270 meters away from Lentor Modern!

Fun Lifestyle and Recreational Amenities around Lentor Modern Condo

North Region – where the outdoors is your oyster! Activities are such as:

  1. Sembawang Hot Spring Park (About 13 mins drive) – The heated water source in Canberra is geothermally pure and believed to have curative qualities. One popular activity at this soothing spa site? The communal foot baths!
Sembawang Hot Spring Park
  1. Kayaking at Khatib Bongsu (About 14 mins drive) – Khatib Bongsu is an excellent spot for many types of activities, including bird watching and cycling. One can also find fishing spots in this area! Lastly it’s a popular place to kayak.
Kayaking at Khatib Bongsu
  1. Water Venture (Sembawang) (About 15 mins drive) – The possibilities for outdoor adventures at this place are endless. You can go kayaking, sea-rafting or just spend time exploring nature on foot with their obstacle courses!
  1. Paintball Battle (About 18 mins drive) – Spend your day taking part in an intense, competitive game of paintball with friends. You’ll learn how to work as a team and communicate effectively!
  1. Wake Pirates Wakeboarding (About 18 mins drive) – With the fleet of towboats from the best wakeboard boat-makers in this world, you will be guided to execute their first flip and spin.
  1. Udders Ice Cream Making Workshop (About 18 mins drive) – What’s more fun than making your own ice cream? Making different flavor combinations and then enjoying a 50 minute buffet at the end of it all!
  1. Goats at Hay Dairies (About 20 mins drive) – Visitors to this farm can learn about goats and experience feeding them. They are also able buy fresh milk in original or chocolate flavors!

Transformation of the North-Region

The Woodlands Regional Centre is set to become a bustling hub for businesses with 100 ha of land. The new commercial and residential developments are expected bring jobs closer home in the North Region! Additionally, the Woodlands Central and Woodlands North Coast will serve as a vital link with Malaysia.

Woodlands Regional Centre 

The Woodlands Regional Centre has a new space in the next 10-15 years that will be used for industry, research and development as well as learning. The government is reporting 100,000 jobs could come out of this development according to them!

Rail Transport System (RTS)

The long-awaited Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit System is a new 4km cross border rail project that will connect Malaysia and Singapore. Expected to be completed by 2026, it improves connectivity between people in both nations as well boosting economic growth for all! Additionally, it will be located at Woodlands North and adjacent to the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) station!

You can see the potential of North Region all around you. It is an area with so many things to offer, and it’s only going get better as time goes on!

The future is looking bright for those who invest in Lentor Modern Condo! There are so many reasons to get excited about this beautiful condo. Do get in touch with us if you are interested! We’ll be more than happy to guide your way through the process. Also don’t forget that we have plenty of other articles and listings available on this website too!

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