It’s no secret that home prices are crazy high in Singapore. This means that it can be difficult for young couples who don’t have the money to buy their first HDB flat but want something stable and permanent. And for that, younger couples often choose a one-bedroom unit as their top choice. It represents the most affordable entry price and gives them space to grow into as well! 

However, do take note of the considerations below: ut while th, do remember the following considerations too:

  • You are unable to buy a HDB flat if you already own private property; even if it’s just a one-bedder.
  • A one-bedder is not ideal if you are planning to settle down and start a family.
  • One-bedders can be harder to sell, as they appeal to niche buyers like retirees, other higher-income singles, and investors.

2 bedroom units are still a great choice for those who can afford it, but there’s less selection now than before. 

Alternatively, with a price tag under $1.2 million, here are some great two-bedroom properties that would be perfect for your family: 

1. Parc Komo

Location: 957 Upper Changi Road North (District 17)

Developer: CEL Real Estate Development Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 276

Last transacted price: $970,000 (2-bedroom, 614 sq. ft.) 

Overall prices:

Square Foot Research indicates a median transaction price of $1,613 psf. The lowest price is $1,502 psf, and the highest is $1,685 psf. 

Main highlights:

With prices that start below $1 million, Parc Komo is the perfect place for first-time buyers and is probably the cheapest new freehold condo on the market.

With a price tag of $1 million, the downsides are obvious. There’s no nearby MRT station and amenities in this area were few to begin with- but what about Parc Komo? The developer recently announced that FairPrice Finest will be one of the anchor tenants which is surely going to provide some much-needed shops or eateries for locals! This also makes sense because having them as an anchors tenant certainly boosts both their development and surroundings by attracting better footfall which in turn will help with attracting other retail/F&B tenants too, so this works well for them. 

The proximity to Changi Airport is an attractive feature of Parc Komo. It’s also not too far from other facilities like Jewel and City Point, making it perfect for those who work in these regions but want a more relaxed lifestyle with plenty going on around them (and less commuting). 

With 28 retail shops available right off the main road as well as some condos nearby – this development could become a one-of-kind hub where locals go first before wider expansion into new areas!

The downside to this property is that buyers who have taboos won’t appreciate being so close to Changi Prison. 

If you’re looking for your first home but want something with the convenience of living in an exclusive community, consider Parc Komo. This new building is perfect because it offers freehold units and a low chance of failure while still being affordable!

2. The Jovell

Location: 19 Flora Drive (District 17)

Developer: Tripartite Developers Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 428

Last transacted price: $993,000 (2-bedroom, 635 sq. ft.) 

Overall prices:

Square Foot Research indicates a median transaction price of $1,419 psf. The lowest price is $1,303 psf, and the highest is $1,539 psf. 

Main highlights:

The Jovell can be considered as a bigger alternative to Parc Komo (see above). It’s a bit closer to Changi Airport and Changi City Point, being around a seven-minute drive.

Just like Parc Komo, it lacks amenities and public transport and it’s in a still underdeveloped area. This drawback may be significant for The Jovell (Parc Komo is at least mixed-use and has some shops attached). The Jovell is in a less dense area where it’s surrounded by low-rise condo developments. Parc Komo, on the other hand has more open land and isn’t surrounded by buildings. 

However, what goes for Parc Komo can also be said about The Jovell. 

The main difference is first, the leasehold versus freehold status, and secondly, Parc Komo two-bedders offers more space at a very similar price. 

However, if you’re looking for a luxurious place to live with your family, look no further than The Jovell. This huge 29,063 square foot swimming pool might be what sells this development most compared to its close competitor, Parc Komo which only offers two bedrooms and slightly less space at similar prices. 

3. Mori

Location: 223 Guillemard Road (District 14)

Developer: Roxy-Pacific Holdings

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2026

Number of units: 137

Last transacted price: Not launched at this moment

Overall prices: Indicative of $1.175 million for a 710 sq. ft. unit

Main highlights:

The Mori at Guillemard Road is an example of the latest generation en block sales with Roxy Pacific having acquired this plot back in November 2020 for $93 million.

They are well known as developers who emphasise efficient layouts and small unit sizes which makes them able to keep prices down overall while still providing high-quality living spaces.

While the location may have some negative connotations for older generations with it being around the Geylang precinct, it is a very central and convenient place in Singapore. 

But for the newer generations, its history might not matter as much as it is, after all, a very central and convenient location to be. Plus with freehold ownership comes even more advantages!  

The Circle Line (Mountbatten) and East-West line Aljunied is within 10 minutes walk, but it isn’t necessarily close enough that daily work would be enjoyable. This can depend on how much time you have available for walks or errands during your day. 

The facilities of this development are top-notch. It offers a rooftop swimming pool and dining pavilion, as well as an outdoor gym—which is decent considering how close it sits to Guillemard Suites (a building with 137 units). That said though; do note that you’ll be living right next door if such closeness isn’t your cup-of-tea.

At the indicative prices offered for new launches in today’s market – which can sometimes go up even more than they already have been – the Mori represents quite possibly one attractive price point among many available options downtown freehold properties.

4. The Watergardens at Canberra

Location: 37 Canberra Drive (District 27)

Developer: UOL and Kheng Leong

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2026

Number of units: 448

Last transacted price: $979,000 (2-bedroom, 646 sq. ft.) 

Overall prices:

Square Foot Research indicates a median transaction price of $1,469 psf. The lowest price is $1,277 psf, and the highest is $1,570 psf. 

Main highlights:

The Watergardens at Canberra has made it possible to live in this area without having too far from anything you might need in your daily life, and now there are plans for even more development. A new sports complex with an 8 lap pool will open up near Lake Burley Griffin as well as fitness studios inside so people can work out while they watch their favourite sport or play some themselves – all under one roof no less.

The Canberra and wider Sembawang area is becoming increasingly popular with buyers in the long term. There are plans by URA, such as developing a new waterfront precinct nearby that will surely boost property values even more.

Additionally, Canberra has a lot to offer for those who like the outdoors and peaceful neighborhoods. Sembawang Hot Spring Park is just five minutes away, while there are also shops within walking distance that have all your grocery needs at their disposal with Giant supermarkets too.

The demand for housing in The Watergardens is clear to see. Launching later than its more popular ‘sibling’, the Commodore nonetheless sold out all 1 and 2 bedroom units by the weekend with close 60% of buyers being under 40 years old.

The Watergardens at Canberra has some great 2 bedroom units that are perfect for anyone looking to live in the area. You can choose from layouts with or without kitchens, and many of them even come equipped with windows that will help ventilation. The bedrooms are laid out so you’ll be able to flush in your wardrobe too. It will look more cohesive than before when seen as a whole unit. As you can see, it is not common to have this space and freedom of designing. 

5. Normanton Park

Location: 49 Normanton Park (District 5)

Developer: Kingsford Huray Development

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 1,862

Last transacted price: $1,093,851 (2-bedroom, 635 sq. ft.) 

Overall prices:

Square Foot Research indicates a median transaction price of $1,839 psf. The lowest price is $1,676 psf, and the highest is $2,024 psf. 

Main highlights:

The best-selling condo for the first half of 2021 is Normanton Park, which was developed from a former HUDC project. 

It’s around four minutes away by car to One North tech and media hub where you’ll find Fusionopolis as well as Biopolis in this area. There’s also ST Engineering Department there – not only do they house start-ups but departments too.

There is an abundance of schools nearby, such as INSEAD which can be found four minutes away.

The influx of international students and professionals has led to an increase in housing demand for locals. The other main options are only One-North Eden, and One-North Residences. 

Normanton Park is a mega-development with many facilities and is close to Kent Ridge Park. This makes it worth living in, especially for those who work nearby as well as landlords wanting their properties filled up quickly.

The downside? It’s not near any MRT stations so you’ll need your car but there are always spots available at parking ratios of 1:1 which means no matter what size vehicle gets allocated they’ve got room left over.

However, with the quality woes from its previous projects (even with additional checks by BCA), it could still represent some form of uncertainty for buyers. However, sales have been going so far- this doesn’t seem to really be a cause for concern.

6. The Florence Residences 

Location: 97 Hougang Avenue (District 19)

Developer: Florence Development Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 1,410

Last transacted price: $1,123,000 (2-bedroom, 635 sq. ft.) 

Overall prices:

Square Foot Research indicates a median transaction price of $1,773 psf. The lowest price is $1,481 psf, and the highest is $1,919 psf. 

Main highlights:

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to live in the heartlands, then look no further than Florence Residences. It has all of your basic needs covered with its large range and variety – from amenities like dining options (including several boutique restaurants) or parks close by. It made headlines with its massive 80-metre lagoon and 12 clubhouses – think of it as a condo emulating (quite successfully) a lagoon resort. 

That being said, you’re trading nearby amenities in exchange for better facilities. While small eateries dot this stretch of Hougang, there are no major malls nearby and few shops. If you’re looking for a mall with plenty of shops and restaurants, then head over to Hougang or Koven Heartland Mall. They are both located in close proximity (about six minutes away).

Due to its close proximity to the MRT and Kovan station, this condo is a great investment for those who drive. The nearest MRT station is Hougang MRT (about an 11-minute walk away) while Kovan MRT is about 14-minutes.

As with most mega-developments, there is some loss in privacy due to the number of units. Possible future competition when selling may not seem like much at first glance; however, these become major issues if you’re looking for peace and quiet or need your personal space.

Other condos that nearly made the list

The following condos all have two-bedders that just cross the $1.2 million mark:

Project Last Transacted Type Size
Casa Al Mare $1,213,500 2 bedroom 764 sqft
Midwood $1,223,000 2 bedroom 635 sqft
Urban Treasures $1,281,640 2 bedroom 635 sqft
Bartley Vue $1,319,000 2 bedroom premium 732 sqft
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